Welcome to SkyBlog Builder, a Skynet application with a user-friendly interface for designing and deploying blog posts on Skynet. Absolutely no programming knowledge is necessary to publish your blog post - all that is required is an idea! As an added bonus, once the application deploys your blog post, you will have two options: either keep the Skynet link or use your own handshake domain! Happy SkyBlogging :)

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In order to create your blog post, there are a few steps you must take prior to designing and publishing it.


To publish your blog post with a Handshake name, you will first need to have a Handshake name. To do this, the Namebase Learning Center provides excellent instructions for obtaining Handshake TLDs with Namebase.io. It can be accessed here.

Once you have completed the above task(s), you are ready to move on to designing your blog post!

Design your blog post!

Fill out the options below to customize your blog post. Instructions for each field are provided where necessary.
A preview of your final blog post is located at the bottom of this page which updates with every entry you provide!

Header Background Color

Please insert a Hex code (i.e. #9A8C98)

Title of Article

Text Color of Title

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Page Background Color

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Author Name

Text Color of Author Name

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Color of Divider between Author and Date

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Publishing Date

Text Color of Publishing Date

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Copy and paste the content of your post below

Text Color of Content

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Preview of Final Blog Post:

Using a Handshake Name

To use your handshake name, you will need to modify the DNS records for it. In the following steps I will guide you through this process!

Your Handshake Name:

  1. Fill out the above fields (the first should be filled out for you) and then log into your Namebase account. On your dashboard, you should see a box labeled 'Your Domains'. In this box should be a list of your domains (if you don't see them all, you may need to click 'Manage All'). Next to the domain you want to use, click the blue 'Edit DNS' link.
  2. Scroll down to the 'Blockchain DNS records' category and click 'Add new record' (note: this transaction will have a small cost).
  3. For the type, select TXT. For the value/data, paste the following:
  4. Click save and wait for your changes to finish syncing

You can now access your website at the following url:


Your Blog Post is ready!

Click the link below to view your site
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Be sure to save your link. If you would like to use your Handshake name, close this window and continue to the next page!