How To Use SkyBlog Builder

Jenna Everard


August 13, 2020

SkyBlog Builder is a user-friendly interface for designing and deploying blog posts on Skynet with the option to use a personal Handshake domain. This Skynet application was built for the Own The Internet Hackathon hosted by Sia and Namebase. The application contains HTML, CSS, and Node.js code and was built using the module bundler webpack. How to Use: When the application first loads, the home page (pictured below) will be displayed. There will be a short introduction paragraph followed by two arrows, which will act as navigation buttons throughout the entire application. On the second screen, the application will provide further guidance on the user requirements. If a user wants to publish their blog post with a Handshake domain, they will need to follow the step(s). The third page is where the user builds their blog post. They are presented with a series of options and corresponding text boxes where they can indicate colors and various content items. At the bottom of this third page, the user can see a preview of their blog post and a button for generating the blog post once they are done. Upon clicking the 'Generate Blog Post' button, a popup window will appear with their Skylink that allows them to access and share their blog post. The fourth and final page is where users have the option of tying their blog post to their Handshake domain. A series of steps are provided and the exact input for the DNS record they must add to their domain is provided based on the previously generated Skylink. A user can also type their handshake name into the input box which allows the application to provide them with their newly customized link to their blog post (that will work as soon as their DNS record changes sync!) All code involved in the application is licensed under the MIT license!